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Dwarka Expressway: Huda completes allotment of alternative plots to oustees despite protest

Amidst protest and boycott of oustees from New Palam Vihar, Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) on Monday completed third and final draw, under heavy police security, for allotting alternative plots to oustess of Northern Peripheral Road (NPR) also known as Dwarka Expressway. Oustees are now planning to move court to challenge the draw.

Large number of oustees from New Palam Vihar reached GymKhana Club, venue for the draw, and stormed inside the hall in an attempt to stop the draw, which they claimed was illegal and in violation of the final terms of settlement agreed between oustees and Huda. Irked with the behaviour of oustees, Huda administrator Yashpal Yadav warned of legal action for disrupting the government works. Following police was called to control the protestors.

Rishi Raj Rana, who was leading the protest, alleged Huda is conducting draw in violation of agreed terms and condition, so all the oustees including those who have been allotted alternative plots have boycotted the draw. “We are going to challenge the draw in court,” said Rana adding that they will challenge draw on three grounds—all the oustees were not given alternative plots, even the people who were not coming in the alignment of NPR were given altenative plots in the draw and Huda has increase or decrease the size of alternative plots.

Around 365 oustees from New Palam Vihar had applied for alternative plots out of which 90 (who had registry of property) were allotted alternative plots on July 31 and 75 oustees, who don’t had registry but have constructed houses, were allotted alternative plots on Monday. Around 200 oustees with open plots were left out of the draw as Huda rejected their claims for alternative plots.

“Huda is trying to divide the oustees, first they said only people with registry will be given alternative plots, then they agreed to give plots of general power of attorney (GPS) and special power of attorney (SPA) holder also, now they are saying only people with constructed houses will get plots,” said Hari Singh, osutees from New Palam Vihar.

Jitendra Prasad, another oustees, said attempts of Huda to divide osutees will fail. “All the oustees who have been allotted alternative plots and those who have been denied have boycotted the draw,” said Prasad adding that none of them will vacate the land till Huda give alternative plots to all oustees.

Undeterred by the protest and boycott Huda completed the draw and allotted alternative plots to 75 oustees of NPR in sector 110-A (40 oustees) and sector 37-C (30 oustees). Huda administrator Yashapal Yadav said this was final draw, all the eligible oustees have been given alternative plots. “Now we are hoping to complete the road by March 2017,” said Yadav adding that oustees will be given six month time for relocation after which Huda will take possession of land and complete the road construction in remaining portion.

“As per the final terms of settlement all the oustees with constructed residential houses was to be given alternative plots equivalent to ground coverage of their plot and compensation for remaining land and construction. The clause 2 of settlement has provision for compensation to open plots as per the Relocation and Rehabilitation Policy of 2010,” said Yadav adding that there is no provision for alternative plots for open plots. The compensation will be given to open plots holder.

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Haryana FM agrees to fix limit of VAT to 1% in Real Estate

In a recently held NAREDCO 13th Nation Convention at New Delhi, Captain Abhimanyu the Finance Minister of Haryana has agreed to fix the limit of VAT to 1% in Real Estate in Haryana and this government’s decision is welcome and appreciated by NAREDCO.

NAREDCO (National Real Estate Development Council), the apex national body for the Real Estate Industry which works under the aegis of Ministry of Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation.
President NAREDCO Parveen Jain said that as far as VAT in Real estate in Haryana is concerned, NAREDCO had requested the government to kindly look into the matter of past and present scenarios to understand the grievances, problems and uphill tasks faced by the end-users and developers regarding this aspect. Being a real estate body we welcome the move of Haryana Government.

This decision of fixing 1% VAT has put to rest all the speculations, uncertainty prevailing earlier and all the pending litigations, cases shall be abolished. The chaos and uphill task being faced by the builders and end-users regarding this aspect shall hopefully come to a halt by this decision and also it shall generate more government revenue. So now it is a sign of relief after the announcement of fixing the VAT rate as 1%.

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