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NHAI tweaks e-way exits to tackle snarls

Changes are being made on the entry and exits points on the Delhi-Jaipur expressway near 32nd Milestone and Shankar Chowk to help decongest bottlenecks during morning and evening office hours.
Near 32nd Milestone, entry 12 on the Jaipur to Delhi side is being widened to allow for more vehicles to join the expressway traffic, such that a two-lane entry will be converted into a four-lane entry. Currently, the traffic going from Rajiv Chowk towards 32nd Milestone, trying to get on to the expressway flyover, gets stuck at the narrow entry, thus creating tailbacks on Old Railway Road, Rajiv Chowk and Sohna Road. “Snarls and tailbacks at this spot lead to spillover till Sohna Road, Hero Honda Chowk and Sector 15. The widening will help more traffic to get on the main carriageway, and as a result the congestion will be controlled,” said Ashok Sharma, project director, National Highways Authority of India (NHAI). The highways authority has also removed the generator installed at the junction too as part of alterations.
Second change is being made at Exit 18, near Atlas Chowk, where the exit is being moved 300 metres closer to Jaipur. The current exit is situated too close to Atlas Chowk, because of which several commuters chose to drive the wrong side to join the expressway flyover. This causes snarls on the service lane and often affects traffic movements in Udyog Vihar and Shankar Chowk. However, with the exit point is now being shifted farther away from Atlas Chowk, congestions because of wrong-lane driving will be eliminated.
“When the traffic halts at Atlas Chowk, it has tailbacks both at the service lane as well as inside the city areas like Udyog Vihar. The changes will control them, and also decrease the chances of accidents which can happen due to wrong side driving here,” a traffic official told TOI.

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